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Tara Wellness By Nora Danish



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TARA JUICE PLUS is a Botanical pomegranate beverage with newly added 100% natural ingredients such as taurine, avocado, red orange complex and parameria polyneura (akar serapat).

It is packed in a portable sachet in a smaller box so that you can taste it's deliciousness straight from the pack. The added benefits are below:

  • Increase body immunity and protect yourself against contagious diseases
  • Strengthens the memory
  • Tightens and aids a healthier Miss V and strengthen vaginal muscles
  • Helps to keep white blood cells in check for efficient body function
  • Eliminates hunger and can reduce belly fat


  • Red Orange
  • Avocado
  • Parameria Polyneura
  • Taurine


  • Married Women
  • Single Women
  • Teenage girls in puberty
  • Women in menopause

10 sachets per box

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